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Welcome to the unofficial website dedicated to The Flying Knights (9th Fighter Squadron) which along with the Screamin' Demons (7th Fighter Squadron), and the Black Sheep (8th Fighter Squadron) comprised the 49th Fighter Group.

In WW II the 49th Fighter Group was the first complete expeditionary unit to depart the U.S. following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, sailing from San Francisco on 12 January, 1942. When the war ended three years and eight months later, the 49th was the top-scoring Army Air Force fighter group in the Pacific theater with 678 confirmed aerial victories. 

Fifty of its pilots had become fighter aces credited with five or more enemy planes downed in aerial combat, one of them being Major Richard I. Bong, America's all-time top scoring ace with 40 victories.


Major Richard Ira Bong - America's Ace of Aces
[Photo c/o Ralph Holcomb - WWII 49FC Squadron]


Most of that time the group was on the "sharp end" of MacArthur's push through New Guinea, the Philippines, and Okinawa.

There were many fine fighter groups in the war, but the 49th had the longest exposure to combat and perhaps better opportunities than the other units. By the same token, all of the 49th's squadrons were exceptional, but at war's end the 9th Squadron led the pack with 254 "kills" to its credit.

Introduction by Ken Clark
9FS Fighter Pilot, Unit Historian,

ORIGINAL FORM STORY - Fighters at Humpty Doo by Lucien Hubbard

Ruptured Duck - Post WWII button pin


9FS WWII Unit History
Read the 9th Fighter Squadron Reports: 1941 - 1945
See Maps of 9FS Humpty Doo campsite

Flying Knights Photo Galleries
shares his yearbook:   
New Guinea Theatre in World War II 

ETSYL J. SPARKMAN shares his photo collection 
starting in New Guinea in 1943 to Okinawa 1945


The Reading Room
A list of new and old books, plus feature articles about 
the 9FS, and the 49FG during WWII 

GEORGE PREDDY  Top Mustang Ace
by Joe Noah and Samuel L. Sox, Jr.
Major George E. Preddy, Jr. was one of the original 
'Humpty Doo' 49ers to land in Australia and join the 
9th Pursuit Squadron. 

The Flying Knights memory book Visit The Flying Knights Photo History 
book icon
! See this exclusive bonus at this website.

Memory Book info - 49th Fighter Control Squadron.


The Fighters at Humpty Doo
This is a true story, with some minor embellishments, of the early 9FS at Darwin, 1942. It was written for publicity in Air Facts magazine, November 1942, by Lucien Hubbard, then Army correspondent, to boost U.S. morale. The identities of the pilots are true, but due to censorship during the war, their exact squadron and location was altered by the author, therefore the 9FS was referred to as "Fighters of Humpty Doo" in the states. 

NEW! MORE HUMPTY DOO PHOTOS submitted by Sam L. Sox, Jr (co-author of 'George Preddy - Top Mustang Ace'. Credits to Preddy Memorial Foundation, Joe Noah, and I.B. 'Jack' Donalson.


Last Days in Japan
Some last scenes of remaining 9FS at Okinawa &Atsugi,
plus the 9FS unofficial mascot.

9FS Lineage
See the 9th Fighter Squadron WWII lineage,
plus insignia modifications.

9FS Scrapbook
Many photos with captions submitted from:
Mrs. Pascalis, Ken Clark, Ralph Wandrey, Les Nelson, 
Bud Tiffany,  Warren Fowler, Harold Thorson, 
Robert David, Ernie J. Ambort. 
plus 9FS articles of interest. 


49th Fighter Group Bulletin Board 
Post a message on the 49th Fighter Group Bulletin Board
Includes all 3 fighter squadrons: 
7th FS, 8th FS, 9th FS Bulletin Boards

Obituary Notice: Richard G. Voss, 8FS
Seeking information regarding Lt Harold H. Thorson, 9thFS 
Seeking Nelson D. Flack, Jr. and Joel D. Thorvaldson - 8thFS

49th Fighter Wing Today
7th - 8th - 9th Fighter Squadrons still going strong!
F117-A photos, plus see 'The Wall'.

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