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Used throughout World War II, and approved in 1951, the patch used three main colors, red, blue and yellow to represent the three squadrons; stars of the southern cross recalled the group's service in Australia; the knight's helmet was symbolic of the defense mission; a covered wagon designated the group's pioneering spirit; and, the lighting bolt was indicative of the group's striking power. The emblem remained unchanged until 1994, when the Air Force Chief of Staff changed the emblem to meet heraldry standards. The covered wagon and red colors were removed, as well as a change in the significance statement. The remaining colors, blue and yellow represented the sky and the excellence required of Air Force personnel, the knight's helmet remembered the long and distinguished history of military engagements. However, the wing's motto, tutor et ultor--I protect and avenge--remained unchanged throughout the years, expressing the spirit of the 49th.

Motto: Tutor Et Ultor - I Protect and Avenge * 49th Fighter Wing * USAF *



7FS Screamin Demons patch

8FS Black Sheep patch

9FS Flying Knights patch

20FS Silver Lobos patch


Screamin Demons


Black Sheep


Flying Knights


Silver Lobos


The 49th Fighter Wing of today can trace its legacy from World War II, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Operation Southern Watch, to the present.

It is their people - our people - yesterday, today, and tomorrow, as a part of our armed forces, that serve to protect our country, the United States of America.

The 49th Fighter Wing heralds 51 aces, 20 Campaign Streamers, five Distinguished Unit Citations, five Outstanding Unit Awards*, and three Presidential Unit Citations. It is home to the F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter.

Interestingly, in terms of tour of duty, the 49th has one of the longest records: the group left the USA in 1942 and returned to American soil in 1968.

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Past to present 49FW aircraft flown:

CheckP-35 "Seversky" 1941-1942

CheckP-40 "Warhawk" 1941-1944

CheckP-47 "Thunderbolt" 1943-1944

CheckP-38 "Lighting" 1943-1946

Check)P-51 "Mustang" 1946-1950

CheckF-80 "Shooting Star" 1948-1951

CheckF-84 "Thunderjet" 1951-1953; 1957

CheckF-86 "Sabre" 1951, 1954-1957

CheckF-100 "Super Sabre" 1957-1962

CheckF-105 "Thunderchief" 1961-1967

CheckF-4 "Phantom II" 1967-1978; 1992 -

CheckF-15 "Eagle" 1977-1992

CheckT-38 "Talon" 1973-1976; 1992 -

CheckF-117A "Nighthawk" 1992-

CheckHH-60 "Pave Hawk" 1993-1999




The F-117A Nighthawk
Photos: c/o George Alber.




A view of 'The Wall'

Photo: c/o George Alber.


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(* - Denotes at last count. )
Source of information: 49FW Historical Pamphlet.


A: Just look at the patterns of this background page.