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New Guinea Theatre in World War II
49th Fighter Group, 9th Fighter Squadron
by George D. Alber

This is my experience in New Guinea, short of a year total 
flying duty, about 300 hours. I also flew about 60 hours of 
engineering test flights.


WWII Combat Experience

Tour of Duty in New Guinea
        March 23, 1943 - January 22, 1944
P-38   108 missions totaling 229.5 hours
P-47     45 missions totaling   75 hours

Two combat victories in the P-38 Lightning
        - Oscar on August 2, 1943
        - Zero on October 15, 1943


The following collection of pictures and captions 
are courtesy to this website from George Alber's 
personal yearbook. Be patient, some pages are 
graphically intense, and take extra time to load.



Aviation Cadet George Alber

This is me as an aviation cadet in 1942. I joined the US AAC in 1939, and became a Weather Observer and Forecaster.


"The Happy Aviator"       

There I am, the happy aviator. I began Flight School in January 1942: PT-17, BT-13A, AT-9, AT-10. I soloed March 11, 1942. In those days for intercom, it was a one way deal! The instructor up forward had a hollow tube with a funnel on it back to our ears, which he could shout into, and we couldn't say a word. The PT-17s we flew had no airspeed indicators or brakes. We judged airspeed by the sound of wind through the wires.



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