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P-40s at Dobodura strip

Above: PSP is off to the right, wider area for P-38s, 4 abreast takeoffs. Here are the P-40s at the Dobodura strip where they would land, then taxi across our strip to get to their revetments. It wasn't as important to coordinate the landings as the P-40s and P-38s weren't landing at the same time.

Below: P-40s returning to PSP runway. They were based at the other end. P-38s used the large open area.

Dobodura consisted of two strips, this one is very wide, and another was very narrow. The wide strip was for the P-38s and the narrow was pierced steel planking (PSP) strip serving the P-40s.  We would line up 4 abreast for take off in a scramble and the protocol was that we would hold the airplanes on the ground until we got past the PSP because the P-40s were taking off over our heads which made it exciting!

P-40s at Dobodura strip           



P-40s on a low pass

P-40s on a low pass at Dobodura.



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