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About "The Flying Knights" book...

Due to censorship during the war, "The Flying Knights - PHOTO HISTORY OF THE 9TH FIGHTER SQUADRON" was privately published for the 9th Fighter Squadron.

Ralph Wandrey, 9FS fighter pilot Captain and ace, stated: "Will try to answer your queries on the Photo History. Yes, I compiled all the photos and picked the map and layout for the book, then took the stuff along when I went to Sydney on leave and arranged to have it published. I was appointed photographic officer for the 9th from April 1943 to August 1944, and it gave me something to do in my spare time! When I returned to New Guinea, I collected 3 pounds (Australian) from every man in the 9th and sent the cash to Angus and Robertson with instructions to mail the books to the 9th when they were done. I received my orders to go home (from Biak Island), so A. Datzenko took over and he distributed the book when the 9th was in the Philippines. I had to guess at the cost, but it was much lower, so each man got 2 copies (except me; they mailed 1 copy to my home!). As I remember, the photo book was published in July '44, but did not get to the 9th 'til October or November. E. Johns, 9FS photographer, took some of the photos with General Wurtsmith's camera. I did not get to preview the book before it came out; we had to take what the publisher gave us."

Mr. Wandrey provided me with the identifications of most all of the photos in the book, and many of the snapshots are from his personal album. Also, Clint Palmer, 9FS Communications T/Sgt., and Les Nelson, 9FS fighter pilot, assisted in some of the names that were unknown to Mr. Wandrey. Not all squadron members knew each other's names, as they came and went according to their tour of duty. Richard C. Kirkland, 9FS fighter pilot and author of "Tales of a Fighter Pilot", stated he is the 'mystery' artist of the sketches on pages 42 and 43 of The Flying Knights book.

Not all WWII 9FS members were able to purchase and receive a copy of "The Flying Knights" since some members returned to the States prior to, as well as those who arrived after, the initial distribution in the Philippines. Some didn't know it existed. Several former 9FS members have expressed a desire to see the book, and many others who have a copy would like to know who their contemporaries were, and so this section is included to preserve the PHOTO HISTORY OF THE 9TH FIGHTER SQUADRON with captions as an integral part of this book. I am not alone in wanting to know the identities and locations. Hopefully those who documented their copies of the book can contribute something.

To the best of my knowledge with permission and assistance from Ralph Wandrey, identifications have been added to this collection of 140 photographs within the book. The Flying Knights book of pictures tells a story, but with the contents labeled it will have a greater significance to past, present and future members of the 9th Fighter Squadron, their families, and others with an interest to know who they were and to remember them as one of the greatest fighter squadron units in the Pacific Campaign during WWII.

Note: This section is an ongoing project and is subject to amendments reflected in updates at this website. Hopefully with the aid of former 9FS members/family, this can be completed. Please email me if you can assist or contribute something here.


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REMINDER: Some duplicate photos that are in the 1944 book The Flying Knights have also been published in the book "Protect & Avenge" and are subject to copyright protection.


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