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Commending fighter groups and 
ground troops at Ipo Dam


Following is TWX sent to the Group by Commanding General, V Fighter Command: "The following message received from MacArthur for transmission to all concerned. Quote: "With pleasure I forward the following message from Commanding General Eleventh Corps", "Request following message be passed to Commanding General of Fifth Fighter Commmand APO 710 through channels:" "From Commanding General Forty-Third Infantry Division - today my division had advanced with negligible losses over-running the impact areas of your magnificent preparations I desire in behalf of the division to express our sincere appreciation. Please pass to all ranks in your command our gratitude and hearty congratulations on the masterful execution of a difficult and complex mission. Signed - Wing Major General". "I desire to add to the radio from the Commanding General 43rd Division my personal appreciation for the outstanding support rendered the forces of 11th Corps and congratulate all ranks on the superior planning and execution of extremely effective missions. Preliminary reports indicate accurate selection and bombing of enemy installations and concentrations in the Ipo area with much destruction and heavy casualties. Signed - Hall Major General". "I wish to add my own appreciation. Signed - Krueger". CENCAFPC desires to add his appreciation to both FEAF and Sixth Army for having attained that fine coordination and spirit of cooperation which is so instrumental to success in battle and contributes so much in the saving of human life." Unquote. "Just what I would have expected for the Fifth Air Force, signed - Kenney." "This commendation reflects the result of splendid leadership from Group through Flight. I am proud to pass it to all concerned. Signed - Smith."



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